Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our 37th Anniversary

Sumiko Kimura took us to the Orchid House in Nagoya to hear her group play the okarina. This place was a breath taker! The numerous varieties of orchids were gorgeous. Since orchids were my mother's favorite flower we thought of her often today.

Our 37th Anniversary

For thirty seven years, Marsh has given me beautiful flowers to celebrate special days. Kimura Shimai took us to The Orchid House in Nagoya. It is a place I'm sure my mother would have loved to visit since orchids were Mother's favorite flowers. We thought of her today in this gorgeous garden.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yokoi San should be a missionary...she's not even a member but she knows how to make friends with strangers.
She saw these "gaijins" and wanted to to know where they were from. Wonderful, beautiful girls from Sri Lanka in training with Toyota to go back to their country to work. What fun it was to be with them for a little while!

7 March 2009 Weeping Plums

Yokoi Sachiko San and Tomoko Saito San took us on this beautiful end of winter day to enjoy this spectacular sight.

Abiru San--Daughter of Takamido San

Thursday, 26 February 2009 (Happy Birthday-Jewelene!)
Tsutae Abiru san found me after no contact for 38 years. She was just a little girl when I met her mother, Kiyoko Takamido. We had a sweet visit and two days later introduced her to the sister missionaries for the lessons. She hasn't shown interest in the last few weeks. It was a special
experience to meet with her.

Shimai Taikai 1/20/09

The mission home is a place of laughter, love, spirit, yummy food, and friendships that last forever!

Sister Jenkins and Sister Ve'e are two favorites! We made the blankets for a nursing home. These young women are so incredible in all that they do--riding bikes in the rain in their dresses, being transferred when they love their companion and area, and seeing so many reject the message of salvation. They deserved this wonderful time of building a fantastic memory.